Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Introducing Kirsten Brown

It’s one thing to promote Stampin’ Up! by handing out flyers and mini catalogs.  It’s quite another to walk around all day with the word, “Celebrate,” stamped on your arm.  When it’s obvsiouly not a tattoo, it’s bound to draw attention!  That’s what happened to Kirsten Brown just after her first workshop as a demonstrator when she inadvertently managed to get that stamped image on the back of her arm and showed it off all over town the rest of the day!

But today Kirsten is a veteran Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, though she started out bound and determined not to get involved.  It started when she felt obligated to attend a Stampin’ Up! workshop for which her Mother-in-Law was the hostess.  She started her rather long drive to her Mother-in-Law’s home by first reinforcing in herself the idea that she wasn’t going to buy anything.  That changed to, “I’ll spend $15 - $20 to be nice, but that’s it!”  You know the rest.  Kirsten got her hand on that rubber stamp with the wood block, stamped her make and take, and she was hooked.  Then she started helping the ladies around her who were struggling a bit and that was when Kirsten knew she had to sign up right away to be a demonstrator herself.  She says it was literally 7 minutes from the time she made her first stamped image to the time she was helping others with their stamping. 

Kirsten’s husband has it easy when it comes time for gift giving.  Imagine what Kirsten responds when he asks what she’d like – something from Stampin’ Up!, of course!  Right now her favorite products are the ribbons – ALL the ribbons.  And she doesn’t limit herself to using them for cards and other paper crafting.  She uses them for gifts and even making bows and ponytail holders for her little girls’ hair!

With all her talent, Kirsten says that her area of real expertise is in the field of correcting mistakes.  She doesn’t just toss something that didn’t work – she always finds a way to correct it, embellish it (glitter covers a multitude of sins!), or even just take the project apart and use the good parts for other projects.  Now every time I see one of Kirsten’s projects, I’ll always wonder if it really started out that way! 

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