Thursday, September 30, 2010

Introducing Jennifer Eby

Jennifer Eby has been hooked on Stampin' Up! since attending a workshop in 2007.  She loves to send out her hand made cards, and wishes she could be there to see the look on every recipient's face when one arrives, because she knows how much she loves to receive cards herself!  In fact, Jennifer loves receiving cards so much, she hosts a Flood Swap nearly every year—apparently, in this type of swap, you get assigned a particular month, and you are flooded with Stampin' Up! cards.  How fun is that!?

Jennifer loves all Stampin' Up! product equally, and enjoys creating much more than just cards.  She admits having a special spot for Designer Series Paper, and creating punch art.  While she loves checking out the work of her talented peers, she gets the most satisfaction from coming up with an idea all on her own.

Jennifer sometimes loses her mojo when she can't find the tool or supply she wants, for a particular project.  She explains that she has "a problem" hoarding Stampin' Up! supplies, because she loves them all so much she doesn't want to get rid of any of them.  She says she actually has 3 rooms full of boxes of Stampin' Up! supplies!  She excitedly comments that this is changing, and that she is in the process of clearing out just one room for stamping, and one for stamping storage.

Jennifer is a visual person, and because of this, she loves all the video tutorials which are readily available online now.  One challenge she did have was learning what she wanted to learn on My Digital Studio, because she could not find videos that covered more advanced techniques.  However, she says she just fiddled around until she figured it out, and finally got that "aha" moment!  Speaking of "aha" moments, Jennifer has a special ribbon flower she makes, that she has not seen anywhere else.  I'm hoping she'll help us all have our own "aha" moment, by sharing a video tutorial with us someday on this secret project!

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Lucia Kaiser said...

Jennifer is one of our veterans of the tour. She's joined us for so many of the tours, and we're always happy to see her return. Her loyalty to the RBT is much appreciated, and we're happy she's returned once again!