Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing Robin Messenheimer

Robin has always enjoyed handmade crafts, and has enjoyed making cards and gifts for others for a very long time.  She used to spend her evening hours doing needlework and hand sewing while watching TV, and that was okay, until she decided to stop watching TV!  All of a sudden, the needlework wasn’t so enjoyable anymore, so … luckily for us, she turned to scrapbooking and paper crafting!  It was several years before Robin was introduced to Stampin’ Up! at a club meeting with a friend.   No longer did she have to spend hours in a craft store trying to match papers, inks, stamps and embellishments!  

Robin spends her time in a room that is set up exclusively as HER craft room.  Don’t tell that to her cat and dog though – they both view it as their room and she’s ended up stocking it with chew toys and nap mats so they can keep her company while she creates.  Robin does her “best work” standing up, so she has two tables in her room – one at standing height for her, and a second table that accommodates her stamp groups that like to sit down.  She has all her card stock out in the open and lined up by color so she can easily scan the room to find what she’s looking for, and reach it without moving more than a few steps.  In that room, you’ll find her new favorite stamping product – Mini Glimmer Brads from the Holiday Mini Catalog!

This past year, Robin’s husband was very ill.  It was during this time that Robin couldn’t and didn’t feel like stamping, but her friends (especially her online stamping friends) and customers stepped in to provide support and encouragement, respecting the time that Robin needed to take care of her family before getting back to her crafting.  Her stamping friends immediately asked for her husband’s address so they could send him a homemade card to cheer him up.  In no other hobby would she have gotten this tremendous response!  This was particularly touching and important moment for Robin.

Robin is well known for her one-sheet stamping tutorials.  She has challenged herself to write these succinct instructions, not by making the photos or the fonts smaller, but by simplifying the instructions and choosing her words wisely.  She tries not to cover too much in a tutorial so as to not overwhelm her customers. She finds her inspiration in others.  Robin spends a little bit of time each morning, surfing the internet to see what’s new “out there”.  She then tackles one or two similar projects, changing them up with different colors or stamps, and turning them into unique and amazing creations  of her own!
Be sure to stop by Robin’s castle during the Royal Blog Tour!  We’re sure to see some of her favorite Glimmer Brads on her beautiful creations!

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Lucia Kaiser said...

Robin is always so helpful to me. There have been many times when Robin's input has helped. She's often among the first to respond when I ask for something, like nominations for the Honorary Queen! Robin is a regular on the tour, and I know we can look forward to her projects.