Friday, October 8, 2010

Introducing Linda Aarhus

Meet Linda Aarhus—she didn't own a single stamp in 1999 when her pastor's wife asked her to plan and host a monthly women's card ministry, but Linda didn't hesitate to take on the project.  Linda contacted Stampin' Up! and became a demonstrator, to get a discount on supplies for the ministry's handmade cards.  

In 2006, Linda was inspired to transform her "hobby" into a career.  She defined a plan for herself, and met significant goals in a fairly short period of time.  It's not surprising to note that Linda feels one of her own strengths in stamping is that she can get a lot done in a short amount of time!  She is extremely organized and says she always has a list, and a plan.

Speaking of lists, Linda says that doing more with inks and techniques is definitely on her TO DO list!  She loves, loves, loves paper, and especially the fact that Stampin' Up!'s paper colors coordinate throughout the product lines.  Aside from paper, Linda's next loves are Stampin' Up!'s Big Shot, and punches.

Linda's stamping area is in her 3-car garage, and you can see pictures of it on her blog.  Music is always on in there—24/7!  Stampin' Up! complements Linda's Christian values and she says it "adds a pinch of creative harmony to each precious day".  I'm sure you will agree that Linda's beautiful creations clearly exude what she refers to as the joy down in her heart.

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Lucia Kaiser said...

What would we do without Linda's wonderful graphics? Linda stepped up to Marketing Head for the Royal Blog Tour, and her beautiful flyers are so much fun! She's in charge of our marketing campaign, and she's doing a fantastic job. Add to that all her beautiful projects, and you'll see why we're so happy she's part of the RBT!