Saturday, October 9, 2010

Introducing Sherrill Graff

Many of you may recognize Sherrill Graff as the “Mother of the Late Night Stampers.” She started stamping as a past time for herself and her children. It started as their reward for finishing their chores and remained as such until they discovered other treats like ice cream and McDonald’s. So, Sherrill and her friends took their hobby to the restaurant on Fridays and shared their love of stamping as the children played. Even now, Sherrill meets monthly with a group of demonstrators in the Las Vegas area to stamp, share, and enjoy refreshments. Each of them brings a quick easy project to share with the group. Those are some of the moments she enjoys the most. According to Sherrill, life just doesn’t get any better than that J
Sherrill’s favorite products are the new embossing folders. She works regularly with sight-impaired people at a local center for the blind. Since they cannot read the cards, they focus on texture.  It always brings a smile to her face as she remembers one of the gals saying, “This card feels beautiful.” It is a moment that will always mean a great deal to her.

When Sherrill is her stamp room, she listens to uplifting music. She grew up listening to classical music and learning the names of composers and song titles. That instilled a love of good music and is something she still enjoys as an adult. She tries to schedule stamping time 3 to 4 days a week. She tries to meet with friends either at their home, a local restaurant, the library, or a recreation center so they can make a party out of it. This keeps Sherrill motivated to create. When she is the one responsible for the project, it forces her to plan ahead and keeps her from procrastinating. It also helps to keep her “mojo” going.
Sherrill’s best advice to stampers is to STAMP FOR FUN!! Don’t be afraid to try new techniques and always be open to new color combinations and use them as often as you can. Remember that your attitude is reflected and contagious. To quote her, “When YOU are EXCITED about stamping, others will enjoy if more as well.”
Be sure to visit Sherrill’s castle! She is amazing and has so much to share with all of us!

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Lucia Kaiser said...

Sherrill has got to be the "queen of sharing." She founded Late Night Stampers and is a Honorary Queen Emeritus. She's been on every tour from the very beginning, and her charitable work is an example for all of us.