Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rosemarie Gonzalez

Rose Marie Gonzalez went to her first Stampin’ Up class ever about 4 years ago.  She was looking for a fun Girls’ Night Out with her girlfriends and attended the class, never before stamping or knowing anything about it.  Since then, she’s enjoyed being the one to teach and inspire her customers, loving the look that comes when they see what they’ve created and can feel good about themselves!  She loves giving a person a special and hand-stamped gift that people can’t believe was made with them in mind.  Rose Marie loves to tell people that it was just as special for her to make it as it was for them to receive the personalized gift or card. 

Rose Marie had little space (and even less time!) to create until her husband transformed her garage into the ultimate stamping room for her!  Prior to this, living with her husband, her 3 sons, and her nephew, she found stamping difficult, and even admits that she may have lost her mojo for a bit.  Now, she has everything where she can reach it and find it, and laughingly tells us her inspiration is back, and she may never leave her home again! 

One of Rose Marie’s favorite techniques is to emboss.  She loves the look and the feel of embossing, and especially loves to color in the embossed images.  She loves to add dry embossing to her backgrounds using the embossing/texture folders with the Big Shot too.  Rose Marie is inspired by everything:  at the park with her kids, in colors she might see in a magazine, and even by fellow demonstrators.  She feels that demonstrators should consider their cased work the ultimate flattery!

When recalling her most memorable class moment, Rose Marie is quick to talk about her monthly Club group who enthusiastically wanted to participate in a Build-a-Bear charity event for a children’s hospital.  They’re currently working on a batch of bears, and she’s very proud when she talks about the kindness the group expressed in wanting to participate in this worthwhile endeavor.

In terms of advice, Rose Marie would like us to know that there are no mistakes.  Everything that we do is meant to be special, different, and personalized.  She tells us to work with our creations and make them our own.  I can’t wait to see Rose Marie’s creations on the Royal Blog Tour!

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