Thursday, October 14, 2010

Introducing Pam Staples

Pam has been scrapbooking since the early 1990’s.  She returned home from a trip to Europe while in college with a large amount of photos and knew that she wanted to preserve those precious memories!  She started with a magnetic album and some journaling to put together her first album.  A few years later, she was introduced to Stampin’ Up by a friend where she was introduced to stamping.  Her favorite project has become a memorial scrapbook for her brother and his family about their beloved Great Dane, Princess, who passed away last October.  Her brother’s family greatly appreciated the gift and thanked Pam profusely with tears in their eyes – that’s when Pam knew that she had truly touched their hearts.

Pam’s favorite workshop memory was actually what she calls a “dud workshop”, but it has still excited her about Stampin’ Up.  She did a workshop for a friend, to which many people failed to show up.  There was only one attendee besides the friend and her son.  At the end of the workshop, her friend’s son asked to sign up as a demonstrator because he loved the stamping so much!  Unfortunately Pam had to tell him that he needed to wait 10 years, but she still loves that he has become a great “client” and is excited to attend some classes with his mom!
Pam’s strength in creating her projects probably stems from her Minor in Art. She’s taken some photography classes over the years, and has even done some semi-professional photography. Her artwork reflects her knowledge as she thinks about composition, the rule of thirds, the horizon, spotlighting and texture, to help her find the right balance for her scrapbook pages and cards.  She says that she finds her inspiration in her Christian faith and in the beauty of creation all around her.  When Pam loses her “mojo”, she says that she uses workshops to get her back on track, since these workshops require her to find her focus as she organizes as plans for them. 

Pam’s favorite Stampin’ Up product is ribbon.  She uses it for just about everything and has been affectionately dubbed the “ribbon queen” by her friends. If she can’t use it on the card or page, she might even “tie” the scrapbooks together with ribbon like she did with her adopted son’s profile scrapbook.  Pam is usually accompanied by her cat and two Golden Retriever dogs as she stamps, as well as her 1 year old with whom she shares her crafting space.  She notices that her son’s toys are “taking over” her space, and her cat prefers to lay on top of whatever project she’s presently working on!  She also has a puppy, Cooper (she was unable to convince her husband that he should be named “Stamper”!) who loves paper and has made a meal of at least 4 of her card creations in the past few weeks!!   

We hope Cooper will let us enjoy Pam’s creations on the Royal Blog Tour and can’t wait to see what she has prepared for us!

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