Sunday, October 31, 2010

Introducing Mickey Roberts

The first thing that you’ll notice about Mickey Roberts blog are her dynamite scrap page layouts!  So many blogs these days focus on cards; but Mickey is right in there with fabulous scrap ideas.  In fact, Mickey first became interested in Stampin’ Up! because of her interest in scrapbooking.  She loved the stamping that went along with it, and joined with some friends in a club with a local Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.  After a few years, the demonstrator had to discontinue the club, and guess who became a demonstrator to keep the club going?  Not hard to figure that one out!  Since then, Mickey has established many more clubs and is continuing to share her love of paper crafting with an ever-expanding customer base.

Mickey’s favorite parts of the whole paper crafting experience are the stamps and the inks.  She loves to use inks both in traditional as well as non-traditional ways.  In a recent blog post, she showed off some of Stampin’ Up!’s stencils as a border for a set of scrap pages which really met her stated goals of using inks to enhance projects and create interest in the project’s elements.

The one thing that Mickey tells all her stamping friends is that there are no bad ideas in paper crafting.  If you go with your gut instincts, you’ll seldom go astray.  And if you don’t feel comfortable with what you’ve created, walk away from it.  When you return and look at the project with rested eyes, you’ll know exactly what to do.  Mickey recently took her own advice when she was struggling with a particular color combination.  She stopped her crafting and went to a movie with her husband.   There in one of the scenes was that exact color combination – and inspiration struck!  Problem solved.

I can hardly wait to see what Princess Mickey has in store for us with all that creativity she’s been showing off!

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